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Oysters Kilpatrick

We are lucky here in South Australia, we do get some of the best seafood in Australia and arguably, the world.  I have travelled a bit and there is no other place where you can get so much variety of seafood with such freshness.  The unique waters of the Spencer Gulf is home to many things we love to eat that come from the sea including the Spencer Gulf King Prawns.  Tasty buggers and the size and quality is unmatched.  Prized for it’s fleshy meat and sweet flavour, the prawn is one the biggest I have seen, consistently!

Mussels, many species of fish such as the nanaguy, snapper and King George whiting are all common in these waters but oysters that come from this region are amazing.  They’re huge, plump, juicy with clean flavours of the “sea”.  Coffin Bay has a unique waterway which is nutrient packed and the region has some of the most pristine waters in Australia, perfect conditions for growing oysters.

Pristine waters of Coffin Bay

I had the opportunity to go to Port Lincoln last year and there is nothing more satisfying than being on the waters of Coffin Bay, floating around on an oyster boat tasting oysters straight from the sea.  Seeing  how this fascinating industry works certainly puts a different spin into how you treat these ingredients – with absolute respect!  These guys go out there come rain, hail or shine to harvest oysters so that we can enjoy them.  From sea bed to the plate, they can be delivered with in a day, amazing freshness.  If you are lover of seafood, next time you are in South Australia, go to Port Lincoln, you will NOT be disappointed.

Rows and rows of oyster baskets right in the middle of the sea

Eating fresh oysters on the boat straight from the sea

Coffin Bay oysters served straight from the sea!

Some people like oysters fresh and some like a type of dressing on them.  if you’re new to eating oysters, perhaps preparing them Kilpatrick might help you get used to the flavour.  For a seasoned oyster lover like me, nothing beats freshly shucked oysters straight out of the shell with just a squeeze of lemon which gives out a refreshing taste of the sea.

Photo by Jun Pang

Oyster Kilpatrick

Ingredients (makes 24)

1 cup tomato ketchup

½ teaspoon Tabasco sauce

5 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce

12 rashers of bacon

White pepper

500gr Rock Salt

4 Lemons – cut into wedges


1. Finely slice bacon to 1mm thick

2. Mix ketchup, Worcestershire and Tabasco sauce together and add pepper to taste

3. Fold sliced bacon through sauce

4. Smooth mix evenly on each oyster

5. Place rock salt evenly on a griller and embed each oyster in the bed of salt and grill until surface is caramelised

6. Serve on a bed of rock salt with lemon wedges

Photo by Jun Pang

Rock Salt – allows the oysters to be cooked evenly.  Rock salt distributes the heat evenly so as not to get hot spots.  Also used for baking potatoes or other hard vegetables etc