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Food Safari – Filipino Food

Food Safari – Filipino Food


Great Chefs of Adelaide Luncheon – Behind the scenes

Video by Jun Pang & Sunny Wu

This is a behind the scenes look at what it takes to pull off a function for  280 people.

This function is a fund raiser for a function called, Great Chefs of Adelaide.

For over 17 years, Adelaide has rounded up up and coming, talented chefs or chefs who have done well in their field to be part of a long standing list of legendary chefs to cook for and raise money for Anglicare.  This list is made of very talented past, present and future great chefs of Adelaide and this year I was lucky enough to be part of that list for the second time.

Every year the food is themed and this year it was themed around a “Journey Through Asia”.  For 2012, the list of chefs is headed up by Simon Bryant, my ex boss, friend and ABC’s chef part of “The Cook and the Chef”.  Simon headed the day with his amuse bouche of garfiish sashimi, representing Japan

The day was started by Pang Ming, owner and head chef of the Adelaide’s iconic Chinese restaurant, Ming’s Palace.  Ming kicked it off by welcoming guests with his dumplings and his ever famous, Chinese roast duck and hoisin pancake rolls.

Entree was served by my team and myself.  Representing Philippines, I cooked up a share platter of food, family style, as I would eat it at home.  Described as “Filipino Dude Food”, it was a mixture of street food and family style/home cooked Filipino food.  We served up chicken and pork adobo with garlic fried rice, lechon kawali and sisig.  Surprisingly, it was well received by the guests and I’m proud to say, it was a great moment to feed so many people “my” food, introducing a lot of people in that room to something they would never had eaten before, which gives me the idea of perhaps putting more Filipino food on the menu!!

The next course was served up by Jordan Theodoris.  Greek chef who worked with David Thomson learning the flavours of Thailand.  Jordan cooked up tender beef ribs braised in fragrant coconut cream and served with aromatic Thai style shredded mango and herb salad.

The last course was served up by Poh Ling Yeow.  Poh is Chinese Malaysian who was a runner up of “Australian Master Chef” and the host of her TV show, Poh’s Kitchen.  Poh served up sticky pandan rice with mango sorbet.
This video shows you what happens behind the scenes of a commercial kitchen, the stuff you wouldn’t usually see when you are the guest being served.  It is a short video but a great insight.

Some of the chefs

Poh with our pastry chef Jon McKeigue

Sisig, my version of “Filipino Dude Food”

Squid Salad

Squid Salad, Tomato and Sweet Chilli

Makes 4

4 Sieds of baby Barramundi – halved and scored

1 kg Squid – cleaned, scored on the inside, tentacles cut into strips

1 litre White Vinegar

400gr Castor Sugar

2 tbspn Dried Red chilli

1 tspn Coriander seeds

2 Cinnamon Sticks

5 Star Anise

1 Punnet Baby Herbs

4 Large Tomatoes – deseeded and sliced

1 Bunch Baby Spinach – washed, stems cut out

Olive Oil

Sea Salt

Cracked Black Pepper


  1. Place the vinegar, dried chilli, coriander seeds, cinnamon sticks and star anise in a pot and reduce to a third or until the consistency of warm honey.  Set aside and allow to cool in a large bowl
  2. Put water to boil then blanch the squid for 30 seconds, drain quickly in a colander then place it straight into the sweet chilli reduction, allowing it cool and marinade at the same time for at least 2 hours, over night is best
  3. Heat up a heavy based frying pan on medium high heat for one minute
  4. Add oil to the pan, season the fish skin side up and place it into the pan
  5. Cok the fish on the skin side for about two minutes or until the flesh starts to turn white then flip it over
  6. Turn the heat off and cook on residual heat
  7. Mix the marinated squid, spinach, tomatoes and herbs in a bowl
  8. Put the fish on the plate, followed by the squid salad