Consequences of jumping life’s queue

is it a patience thing??

Ever been on queue at a busy bank or a check out?  You notice that the other line beside you is moving quicker than the one you are in.  You to and fro from this line and the one next to you.  Eventually the faster moving line entices you and you decide to switch lines in the hope you can be served quicker but when you get there, the line starts to slow right down and the line you just left moves quicker, so much so that it makes your line seem like it’s come to a halt.

I think or I feel like I have just jumped life’s queue in view of getting to where I think I should in life a little quicker!  Not that I am complaining about where I am in life, it’s just that I feel I shouldn’t be in this position.  Things should be moving quicker; I wonder if the “guy” in charge has forgotten and the other question is if that is at all possible?  If my life was to end here, right at this point, then what was the purpose and what was the lesson learnt for me and for humanity, I mean there must be a lesson, everything is a lesson, isn’t is?  Are we not supposed to learn something from all this?  I never look at what’s in it for me, but I do expect things to change especially if I work so hard for it.

Life has it’s cycle, I think.  My school days (“kid days”I call it) was bloody brilliant, best any one could ask for.  I mean, I ran into trouble and problems here and there but nothing I couldn’t handle, my life back then did not know of the pressures of adult life, the burden of adulthood and I played hard under the umbrella of innocence and child hood naivety!  Now that those days are gone,”life” it seems, has it’s way of making up for it, like it’s jealous you had such a great time, like you had that time on a loan and now “life” collects by giving you the long term payment plan of burden, heart ache, hard work and thrown in with sprinklings of disappointments and dreams realised then crushed.

So you want an edge, you want to see if you can escape the misery quicker, the pressures of life, you’re in that queue trying to pay your debt so it’s only natural you want to get it done quicker and when it seems that opportunity comes, you take it but alas, it was another one of those life’s trials.

Young people these days are in so much of a hurry.  In my head, I see them jumping from one queue to another, anxious to get ahead, to make a start and more importantly  to get to ahead in life quicker and there is nothing wrong with that but for me who has been in “lifes” queue for a whole lot longer, I wonder if they get to enjoy the good things about life and secondly, what is the lesson there that “life” taught us?

So for those who are in the queue which is moving quicker, enjoy, I’m jealous I’m not on it.  For those who are in front of the same, slow moving queue as I am in, move quicker, because I would really like to be where I should be right now because I’m bored shitless of waiting in line!


  1. Lemon or milk in tea?
  2. Socks or no socks when wearing UGG Boots?
  3. If you own a black cat, are you exempt from bad luck every time it crosses your path?
  4. Am I the only person who wonders how the car drove it’s way home by itself some times?
  5. Eggs, aren’t they just a marvelous invention?
  6. Is the point of this story, seize every opportunity that presents itself, it may not come around again or patience is a virtue, take your time, wait it out, life has it’s way of balancing things out?

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