Social Intelligence

So…….you go through life, you meet lots of people along the way, each one different, each teaching you something about life, about people.  Each person you meat is another page in your book, another layer of knowledge, another insight into humanity.  As the years go on, the more you learn the more you get closer to clarity about life or in this instance, people!!

People always say your experiences will teach you something and they’re wise because it’s only recently I have started to see the lessons learnt.  When you’re young,  it takes longer to realize what you don’t want in relationship or in people, you tolerate the bad things longer because you can’t yet realize that it bothers you or hurts you or that you don’t like it.  As more relationships go by or you meet more people, you get quicker at getting to those decision or walking away from the the traits you don’t like.  So what does this mean? I think people find their life long partners by putting up their “quirky” differences.  It’s because people are not perfect after all.  We are attracted to physical appearances, we like what we like and when we see it, we go for it, then they spend time with them and find out that they look good and that’s about it.  You start weighing up which is what you will put with, their good looks vs their bad points.  I think physical attraction is important, but if you can’t stand spending time with them, you know your relationship is doomed.  Your in it for the long game and good looks fade with time, people get fat, skin wrinkles up and they start to smell funny but people with social intelligence only go from strength to strength.  Social intelligence is learnt and more powerful than physical prowess.

So whats the point of this blog??


It is more important to have or be aware of Social Intelligence.  It’s character building and opposed to general thinking, in the long game, Social Intelligence far out weighs Physical Appearance.




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