Pulled Pork Sandwich

Pulled Pork Sandwich with Coleslaw

Serves 4

2kg Pork Neck

2 Cups Brown Sugar

1 litre Lemonade

2 Cups Light Soy

2 ½ Cups Tomato Ketchup

6 Cloves Garlic                                   finely chopped

¼ Red Cabbage                                 core removed, finely sliced

¼ White Cabbage                             core removed, finely sliced

¼ Cup Mayonnaise

4 Large Kaiser Rolls


1.     Place the brown sugar, lemonade, light soy, ketchup and garlic in large pot.  Bring to boil then simmer for 20 minutes

2.     Place the pork neck into the pot and cook on slow simmer for about 3 and a half hours or until the meat starts to fall apart

3.     Leave the pork to cool down in the stock.

4.     When it is cool enough to handle, pull the pork apart into fine strands

5.     Mix the cabbage into the mayonnaise

6.     Heat the strands of pork with a little of the pork liquid for moisture and additional flavour

7.     Once the pork is hot, place it into the buns, finishing off with coleslaw on top

8.     Serve with chips and some of the liquid on the side

I learnt this from a good friend of mine, Sean Cartwright who was taught by a  Filipino lady who used to work with us when I was an apprentice.  You can also use this recipe to poach pork chops or ribs then chuck it on the Webber for an extra Smokey finish.  Try Sarsaparilla instead of lemonade for extra spicy tones.

Photo by Jun Pang


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2 responses to “Pulled Pork Sandwich

  • GeeEm

    Dude, I am totally going to make this. My mother in law is always buying pork neck and I am slowly running out of ways to cook it. So with some freshly baked bread I will whip these up next weekend.

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